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A bit about me and what I have done...

I work with ethical and sustainable travel businesses, developing their communications, brands, websites and marketing. Have a look at my clients and our work together.

As well as working with responsible travel businesses, I also write about tourism issues for both industry audiences and the public. I blog fortnightly for WTM Responsible Tourism. This year I've also written on tourism for Travel WeeklyGetaway MagazineGreentraveller, China DialogueGogobot and Ouishare.

I am developing the Fair Game tourism initiative – a brand and website supporting safari’s efforts to address the poaching crisis threatening endangered wildlife.

I am co-author of Rough Guides' only guidebook dedicated to responsible tourism. Called Clean Breaks - 500 New Ways to See the World, it won Planeta's guidebook of 2009.

I am an advisor to GardenAfrica, a grassroots charity working in Southern Africa to protect biodiversity and promote sustainable livelihoods.

I was editor of The Ecologist, the world's longest-running environmental magazine.

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You can reach me on my contact page.

Current and recent clients and partners

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Recent events and talks


WTM Amadeus CEO Roundtable
Invited to joined an industry panel to develop a white paper on responsible and accessible tourism.

Responsible Tourism Masterclass
Spoke on greenwash and the environment, and how responsible tourism can develop compelling narratives.

 Gogobot Salon - Adventures in Responsible Tourism
Joined a expert panel to discuss responsible tourism and how to bring it more mainstream.

Launch of Fair Game safari initiative
Introduced the ethical safari initiative I have been developing to an industry audience at the world's largest tourism trade fair.


 International Conference on Sustainable Tourism
Invited to speak at first responsible tourism event in the Indian state of Gujarat. I spoke on importance of storytelling in communication.

 Responsible Tourism Masterclass 
Masterclass focussed on how to communicate responsible tourism. I spoke on the role of authentic narrative and the best ways to use social media.

Speaking at Gogobot's Salon on Ethical Travel

I'm always happy to speak about responsible tourism. Let me know where next.

My recent writing on responsible tourism communication

Why the growth of Wellness Tourism is good for the responsible tourism market
A new report showing the scale and potential for growth in Wellness Tourism makes good reading for anyone trying to market tourism responsibly.

New report says responsible tourism good for business. So why am I not celebrating?
The Center for Responsible Tourism’s new report says it has the statistics to prove responsible tourism is good for business. So why isn’t it using them?

Why you need to stop selling tourism products (and start telling better travel stories)
A new report says top trends for travel 2014 include ‘green’ and ‘meaningful’. How can responsible tourism businesses capture this growing market?

Responsible tourism communication: Are we talking to the right people?
Sometimes the art of good communication isn’t making sure you are saying the right thing. It’s talking to the right people, at the right time.

The secret of good tourism communications (or why I hate towel reuse schemes)
Communicating the benefits of responsible tourism has to connect to the reasons guests go on holiday. It is not the place for a lecture.

What a South African backpackers taught me about the possibilities of tourism
Few places have left as much of a mark on me as a remote lodge on South Africa’s Wild Coast called Bulungula.

Why do good guides matter for responsible tourism?
Good local guides reveal secrets about the places we visit, connect us to unique experiences, and help preserve the places they love as a result.

How to get responsible tourism communications right
How can companies connect with customers when people don’t click on responsibility statements, and don't know if your ‘village visit’ is fake ethical respectability, or a sign you are deeply engaged with your local community?

Tourism marketing: getting the guests you want
What's the best way for responsible hotels to attract the sort of guests that appreciate and enhance what you are trying to do?

Will Accessible Tourism soon be the largest travel market?
Accessible tourism is rapidly becoming the largest sector of the travel market. It's time to wake up to this huge business opportunity.

How to give tourists a sense of ownership (without selling your destination’s soul)
What is it that gives us a sense of ownership and responsibility to a place we visit? Can tourism help preserve an essence of place while generating sustainable revenue?

Travel Boycotts – what should responsible tourism do?
Has the internet made Travel Boycotts more or less effective? And what should companies and individuals working in responsible tourism do when they affect their business?

Responsible tourism is about relationships
Responsible tourism is built on the relationships forged between colleagues, friends, staff, guests, suppliers, community and the wider environment.

What can tourism do about wildlife poaching?
The tourism industry needs to work out how we best use our voices to fight the scourge of poaching. Before extinction makes silence our only option too.

Peer to Peer offers an open source, collaborative future for travel
The real opportunity for p2p to develop more sustainable and rewarding travel experiences comes when it is used not just to trade finished products or swap information about them, but to share our knowledge to build products together.

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